Good intervention depends on good starting questions.
We are very committed to this aspect too often neglected.
Our actions are based on truly tailored approaches.
Our principle: starting from the right question brings the right answer!

An original and exclusive tool created by Chrysalide.
A method that reconciles the needs of employees
and the strategic vision of the company.
A fun, results-oriented approach that brings keys
and solutions to implement in the company.

Business case : a sound analysis

Context - Needs - Resources - Challenges

Vision : a clear direction

Strategic Issues - Inspiration - Human dimension - Cape to follow

Hiking : action plan

Collective game - Assessment of existing solutions – Priorites for the futur – New impulse

Results: implementation of the solutions

Long & short term actions - Quick wins - Transversal actions - Help with the decision - Identification of « no go's » - Sustainable changes

No speech ex cathedra, no great principles sold, no!

Listening, action, contact.
A transversal approach where everyone assumes his part of the job:
we work with the key players of the company
through meetings, workshops, interviews...


Definition of the starting question and expected result!